Thursday, August 23, 2018

40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday 2003-2005

Snapshot of a 2004 Rio Salado newsletter with headline: RioLearn Pilot Underway.  Pictured is Dr. Willie Minor, Rio Salado’s Faculty President in 2004.

Welcome to the past! The next stop on our 40th anniversary Throwback Thursday timeline is 2003-05!

In 2004, Rio Salado College piloted RioLearn, a learning management system for students to use when taking their online classes. RioLearn was developed through a three-way partnership with Rio Salado, the Microsoft Corporation and Dell Computers.

RioLearn was designed to be the first totally integrated course management and delivery system for Rio Salado, meaning everything needed for a course was included in it. 

Snapshot of a 2004 Arizona Republic story about opening of Rio Salado Conference Center
Also of note in 2004, the college opened its new 13,600-square-foot Conference Center at the Rio Salado headquarters in Tempe.

In 2005, Rio Salado's award-winning Teacher Education department launched its Teachers-in-Residence program as a new pathway to replace the need for emergency certification and help to ease the state's severe teacher shortage.

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