Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stay Organized! Download Free MyInfo Mobile App

Poster for mobile app.  A group of students sitting on a bench using their mobile devices and interacting.  Text: Check out the new MyInfo.maricopa.edu mobile app today.  Features includes: Your class schedule, TERM and GPA, Required books and purchase options, Financial aid award status, Account hold information, Class schedule integration with your email and calendar, GPS naviattion to your classes.  Logos for Rio Salado and the Maricopa Community Colleges and EEO disclaimer, which embedded in our blog page under "About Rio Salado College" section

Successful students take advantage of support services! We have an app for that! 

image of a hand holding a mobile device.  Text: Convenience at your fingertips

Download the free Maricopa Community Colleges MyInfo mobile app to get ready access to your classes, grades, financial aid and more at myinfo.maricopa.edu.