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40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday 2006-2008

Rio Salado 40th anniversary banner with text: An innovative leader in higher education.  Snapshot of an Arizona Republic article featuring a photo of someone reading through a stack of Rio Salado Text books.  Caption below: Tanya Swanson reviews textbooks for the school's Textbook Savings Program that customizes the books for each class, saving students at least 50 percent.  Headline: Program Reduces Cost of Textbooks

Welcome to the past! The next stop on our 40th anniversary Throwback Thursday timeline is 2006-08!

Snapshot of original Mesa Republic article from Oct. 6, 2007
Mesa Republic Oct. 6, 2007
In 2007, RioLearn, the college’s online learning platform created in 2004, was going full steam ahead. It won the national 2007 Campus Technology Innovators Award in the "portals" category and became the standard for other institutions of higher education to follow.

Snapshot of Arizona Republic article about textbook savings program
Arizona Republic Oct. 29, 2007
Also in 2007, Rio Salado began offering 50 start dates a year on 373 general-education courses, more than any other public college in the nation.

In 2008, Rio launched its Textbook Savings Program to help reduce the cost of books for students. Faculty members decide what materials are needed for a course and the textbooks are “designed” to align with the course. Students pay for only the materials they need, reducing the cost of a textbook by an average of 50%.

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snapshot of Rio Salado web site banner with Rio brand element and photo of employees making a human 40

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