Thursday, September 13, 2018

Join Us for Constitution Day & Essay Contest!

Image of the Constitution near a pair of old glasses, a quill and Rio mascot Splash dressed in founding father fashion and powdered wig.

We invite you to celebrate Constitution Day, September 17-- and enter the Rio Salado Constitution Day Essay Contest for a chance to win a $75 gift card!

Constitution Day commemorates the inception and signing of the United States Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787. The holiday serves as a strong reminder that our rights as citizens and the structure of our government were founded upon the guiding principles in this document—and that freedom and liberty require civic engagement and sacrifice.

We take pause each year to honor and reflect upon the importance and meaning of the United States Constitution and to encourage students and the communities we serve to join us.

Image of Splash dressed as a Founding Father

Express Yourself! 
Enter the Rio Salado Constitution Day Essay Contest!

The contest is open to all currently registered online students at Rio Salado, and all GED® test prep, English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELAA) students who take classes at the Rio Salado locations.

To enter the contest, students should address the Constitution Day topic in either written or multimedia form.

TOPIC: Describe how the First Amendment of the Constitution enhances diversity in the United States.

The deadline to enter the contest is 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept.21, 2018. Winners will be announced on Monday, Oct. 1.

We created this web page, which includes details about the contest, a resource guide, thoughtful essays and more to get you into the Constitution Day spirit:

It also includes a music video featuring Rio Salado Library Assistant Christopher Orf performing a song he wrote called The U.S. Constitution Talking Blues-- to inspire you to read and think about how the Constitution affects your life.

 Snapshot from video, featuring Chris playing guitar.  Closed caption: People talking about the Constittuion and what it says and doesn't say.
Get in the Spirit with Chris Orf singing The U.S. Constitution Talking Blues