Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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Need a helping hand with your studies? Our tutoring centers offer free support services to help you succeed!

Enhance Your Learning Experience! Call on our tutors for help with 
  • Problem-solving complex concepts and homework assignments
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Preparing for exams

Get help in-person and online!
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🔎 Comfortable study rooms for students
🔎 One-on-one and group tutoring with professional tutors
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There are also some video conferencing tutoring options for select subjects!

Get help with Math (All Levels), CIS ( Graphic Design, Web Development, Programming and Java), Accounting, Statistics, Spanish, English Reading and Writing, Chemistry, Biology and more!

Learn more by visiting www.riosalado.edu/tutoring

Here’s what Rio Waves are saying about our tutoring services:
Everyone one of your math tutors has been excellent. Before coming for tutoring I failed my college algebra class and nearly dropped out of school. Then I heard about the tutoring center and I decided to give it a try. Your tutors were patient with me and I never felt judged and it seemed as if they were all rooting for me. They helped me pass my algebra class with no sweat so I decided to use them for my calculus class and I aced my two calculus classes easily. Math is really easy when you have people to help. Thanks all of your tutors and you of course for hiring them in the first place. Fawn
Dawn is by far the BEST tutor I’ve ever had. She has gone out of her way too many times to help me with questions and assignments. She has provided resources on her own time to help me with the material given in courses and has a high level of knowledge of each thing taught. Larry Norris 
Photo of two students working together on a computerThe fact that Rio has a Statistics dedicated tutor, Dawn Bulriss, made a big difference for me. I started out the online class by reading the book that I purchased word for word to attempt to ‘teach myself’ the statistics concepts and problems.This quickly broke down at Chapter 4-5 which was a huge week. I almost quit the class! I was encouraged by others to ask for help, something I’m not good at! In one session with Dawn, I was back on track and I decided to keep visiting twice a week. When you allowed Dawn to have online sessions, this was a real gift for me so I could continue with the needed tutoring. Lastly, I am grateful for the dedication that Dawn displays with each student she has. She has a personal stake in each student’s success. I hope to see these services continue for others. Marylin Curiel
The tutoring the Statistics tutoring program via web chat was very helpful and enabled me to get past my frustrations with the material and prepare for an exam- both assignments were successful because of the help Dawn was able to provide. Alex