Monday, March 25, 2019

Make Recovery Possible in California!

Poster with image of a broken chain.  Text: Help Make Recovery Possible in California.  CAADE California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators Reaccrdited through Oct. 1, 2023.  Rio Salado and Maricopa Community Colleges logos.  Image of Kirk Bowden, with text: Faculty Chair for Addictions and Substance Use Disorders

Rio Salado College’s Addiction and Substance Use Disorder Program was reaccredited by the California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE) through October 1, 2023, which is the maximum timeframe for reaccreditation.

CAADE is the college and university accrediting body in California for addiction counseling programs. Students who graduate from Rio Salado with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Addiction and Substance Use Disorders (ASD) are pre-approved for CAADE credentialing!

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