Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Understanding Your Block Calendar is a Must!

Among the most important things to understand as a new Rio Salado College student is our Block Calendar system. 

This video will provide a brief about what that means to you and how it affects your class schedule. To learn more, visit www.riosalado.edu/calendar.

Our academic calendar is divided into 16 blocks each term. Each block is 16 weeks long and has a fixed start and end date. When registering for classes, you select a start date for your classes. Your start date will determine your block for that term, and all coursework for that term must be completed within your block's start and end date. This Block Calendar Planning Tool will help you create your schedule.

A warm welcome to all the new and returning Rio Waves here in Tempe, Arizona, across the state and around the globe! We look forward to helping you achieve academic excellence this fall!

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