Monday, November 18, 2019

Rio Salado Awarded Adult Education Program of the Year. State Increases College Funding to Reduce Student Wait Lists.

Members of Rio Salado College's Adult Education Team with Arizona
Department of Education Deputy Associate Superintendent Sheryl Hart

The Arizona Department of Education named Rio Salado College as the Adult Education Program of the Year and ABE/ASE Excelling Program award-winner for 2017-18

photo of program of the year award
This is the second year in a row Rio Salado received the Program of the Year award.

“We are honored by this recognition and take great pride in serving as Arizona’s largest provider of adult education,” said Rio Salado Interim President Kate Smith.

The Program of the Year Award criteria is based on student education and employment outcomes, student retention, cost per participant, compliance with grant requirements and timely reporting.

Rio Salado serves nearly 4,000 Maricopa County residents annually through its adult education programs, which are available at locations across the Valley. Students can learn the English language, prepare for GED® tests, engage with workforce preparation and employment skills training, take industry-specific workforce training classes-- and get help transitioning to college.

Students pay a registration fee in the range of $25-70 every 16 weeks, based on a sliding scale, which is determined by household income and family size.

“Through our adult education program, we are helping students improve their chances of finding gainful employment and increasing their earning potential-- while offering a seamless pathway to higher education,” said Smith.

Banner with text: 97% of colleges and employers accept the GED credential and GED grads average $9,000 more a year in income than someone without a diploma.

According to GED Testing Service, 97% of colleges and employers accept the GED credential and GED grads average $9,000 more a year in income than someone without a diploma.

This azcentral story by reporter Lily 
Altavena provides insights into adult ed.
Recent news stories have reported there are wait lists for adult education services throughout Arizona but that’s not the case at Rio Salado College.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona State Board of Education approved a one-time additional $500,000 in Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act funding to help agencies expand their services and reduce wait times. Rio Salado will receive $185,000 of that funding to increase the number of students served and expand awareness about the services it has to offer.

“We are poised to scale up our operations and to accommodate more students,” said Rio Salado Associate Dean of Community Development Tamara Cochran. “Our priority is to help students improve their academic and employability skills, create a talent pipeline for the local workforce and prepare students for success in their future educational and occupational pursuits. We plan to use this funding to help more students who are eager to get started now.”

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