Friday, February 21, 2020

Do You Want A Career In Insurance? Did You Know The Industry Covers More Than Cars And Homes?

In addition to insuring homes, cars, and businesses, the insurance industry also provides policies for a whole host of unusual exposures to loss. Consider the following examples:
  • The owner of a pair of ruby slippers used in the filming of the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” needs coverage in the event the slippers are stolen from a museum.
  • A bar that features a variety of different entertainment options including ax throwing lanes wants liability protection if someone is injured.
  • Liability coverage for the promoters of a rock concert in case a customer is injured while attending the event.
  • A rural convenience store with two tanning beds.
  • The list goes on!
This area of the industry is especially important in Arizona due to the presence of a large number of specialty insurers located in the Phoenix metro area. In addition to the companies, there are a host of experienced and professional specialty agents and brokers who work with individuals and businesses to find coverage when policies are not available from regular sources.

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