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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Counseling Stories: New Eyes

image of glasses sitting on top of a book

Rio Salado Counselor Amberly Lebeck-Brown experienced a recent victory with student Ancita Yazzie, who attends Rio Salado’s Northern location.

She noticed Yazzie using two pairs of glasses, which provoked concern. Yazzie revealed that she was using the set of non-prescription glasses because she could not afford the glasses she needed. Lebeck-Brown intervened.

Ancita Yazzie
Lebeck-Brown tried traditional resources used to assist students with discounted rates but they were also beyond Yazzie's financial means.

Lebeck-Brown found New Eyes, a non-profit organization that purchases new prescription eyeglasses for U.S. residents in financial need. Lebeck-Brown helped Yazzie acquire a voucher and now she has a new pair of glasses.

Lebeck-Brown's intervention exemplifies how critical it is to remove barriers in students' lives and to network with community agencies and organizations. 

It is just one example of how Rio Salado’s counselors seek to make the lives of their students better as they go through their educational journey. It also demonstrates the significant role counselors play in student success.

Rio Salado's Counseling and Career Services connect students with a variety of vital resources that can make a profound impact on their overall well-being.

Yazzie is enrolled in Rio Salado's High School Equivalency program, which prepares individuals for the GED® exam. Despite her personal challenges she has been diligent about her studies.

The HSE prep program is one of several Rio Salado College Bridge Pathways initiatives, which are designed to help adult learners transition back into the classroom, strengthen academic skills, build confidence and begin a college career. Services include personalized advisement; start-up scholarships; assistance with financial aid registration as well as orientation to college life and online learning.

For more details about Rio Salado’s HSE prep program, GED® testing services and other College Bridge Pathway programs and services, visit or call 480-517-8110.

For more details about Rio Salado counseling services, visit or call 480-517-8785.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Testing Services at Northern Resume Saturday

Testing services at Rio Salado College Northern will remain closed today but will be available Saturday morning.

In the meantime, please visit our other Testing Centers if you would like to take an exam today. Visit or call 480-517-8560 for additional details about location hours and services.

Friday, September 13, 2013

RSC Northern Hosts US Department of Education Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier

DoEAssistant Secretary  Brenda Dann-Messier and
Rio Salado College President Chris Bustamante
 listen as students share their experiences.
US Department of Education Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education Brenda Dann-Messier visited Rio Salado College Northern last night to sit down with students, adult education leaders and policy makers. Dann-Messier's visit was part of the 2013 "Strong Start, Bright Future" Back to School bus tour being conducted by US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Dann-Messier began her visit by observing and visiting with students in a Student Success Seminar. She then led a roundtable discussion by asking each participant about the challenges they faced and the type of support they needed to be successful.

"I am here to listen and learn," Dan-Messier said.

Rio Salado College Bridge Pathway students, Ashley Haas-Bazzi, Darrellen Birzer, and Stephanie Carroll were the first to share their experiences.

Haas-Bazzi is a recent graduate of the Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (IBEST) program in Dental Assisting Technology. She earned 24 credits in dental assisting technology while simultaneously preparing for her GED.

"There were a lot of ups and downs," Haas-Bazzi said, "but with the help of other students and the instructors I was able to make it through."

Birzer is a participant in the Adults Achieving a College Education (ACE) scholarship program as well as an IBEST graduate. Birzer is currently working in a dental office and plans to become a dental hygienist.

"I got started when my kids were in school," Birzer said. “I’m now working toward an associate degree and hope to get in a dental hygienist program."

Carroll, who was Rio Salado’s 2013 GED Graduation speaker, stressed the importance of being a role model for her children and the opportunity to have a second chance.

"I am pursuing a degree in elementary education, and my kids now want to go to college too," Carroll said.

Dann-Messier also heard from adult education as well as local community and government leaders on the importance of collaborative partnerships, education funding and the future of adult education in Arizona.

As the meeting came to a close, Dann-Messier shared her own thoughts on the matter.

"We need to view education as an investment, not an expense," Dann-Messier said. “We need to increase the capacity to provide high quality services. We need to make sure the message is clear that there are pathways for adults to go on to college."