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Monday, January 26, 2015

SPOT 127 Featured on CBS 5

exterior shot of SPOT 127

Learn about Rio Salado's Youth Media Center SPOT 127 in this news story by CBS 5 Reporter Catherine Holland.  

SPOT 127 is an innovative youth media center in Phoenix that empowers high school students to develop state-of-the-art skills in digital media, radio and journalism. It is operated by 91.5 KJZZ, which is a community service of Rio Salado College. For more details, visit

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sign Up for SPOT 127 Program

KJZZ's award-winning youth media center, SPOT 127, is now accepting applications for its free after-school program.

This program provides instruction and mentoring in digital photography, audio production, video production and journalism to Valley high school students. Participants create original content while learning from professional journalists and industry experts.

Students attend two days per week from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the entire semester at SPOT 127’s state-of-the-art facility in West Phoenix. All equipment, including computers, software, cameras and audio recorders, is provided.

Last year, two students won a National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Student Production Award for one of their video projects. Neither teenager had any video experience before joining SPOT 127.

Classes begin Sept. 8 and Sept. 9. Space is limited to 60 students, and spots are filling up fast! To apply or get more information, please visit

KJZZ and Spot 127 are a community service of Rio Salado College.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

June SPOT 127 Youth Media Boot Camp

Learn video and audio production during a two-week boot camp with KJZZ's SPOT 127 youth media center..  June 9-20.  $250 per student.  Full and partial scholarships available.
KJZZ’s youth media center SPOT 127 is hosting a two-week boot camp for high school teens at the Rio Salado Conference Center in Tempe, June 9-20.

Participants will learn about the fundamentals of reporting, writing and multimedia production. SPOT 127 staff, KJZZ journalists and media professionals from across the Valley will take part in the program to share their knowledge with participants.

No prior experience is needed. Cost is $250 per student and there are partial and full scholarships available.

Learn more at

KJZZ and SPOT 127 are a community service of Rio Salado.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SPOT 127 Earns Top Prize at SVP Fast Pitch 2014

SPOT 127 Executive Director Greg Pereira holding $10,000 check from SVP
SPOT 127 Executive Director Greg Pereira earned $10,000 in three minutes at Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch 2014. The annual event, hosted by Social Venture Partners Arizona, includes training and mentoring for innovative non-profit administrators and culminates in a high-energy, rapid-fire presentation event in which participants compete for more than $25,000 in grants and prizes.

“Fast Pitch was a completely unique experience, “Pereira said. “It was an incredible opportunity to collaborate with exceptionally smart and talented individuals. I received guidance and resources that will prove invaluable as SPOT 127 continues to grow.”

Pereira and 19 other non-profit leaders were handpicked by a selection committee to participate in this year’s event. Eight finalists moved on to the final competition, which took place March 26 at the Tempe Center for the Arts. Pereira’s three-minute presentation won the Investee Award and secured $10,000 a year in funding for up to five years for SPOT 127.

“The award money will be a great asset to our program,” Pereira said, “but the real value of participating is far greater than the financial award, it is the intensive mentorship and resources that the SVP network provides.”

SPOT 127 is a youth media center in Phoenix hosted by KJZZ 91.5 and Rio Salado College. The center empowers local high school students by teaching state of the art digital media skills and by connecting students to mentoring and resources that will help them succeed in future endeavors like college and career.

“The students are thrilled that SPOT 127 has been recognized for its innovation and sustainability,” Pereira said. “They take great pride in the program and are proud to see the community support that SPOT 127 receives as a result of their incredible work.”

Check out this SVP Arizona interview with Greg to learn more about his Fast Pitch journey.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

SPOT 127 Teen Reporters Unveil Stories of Deception

Teen reporters from SPOT 127, KJZZ’s youth media center, are using their passion for journalism and digital media to produce an online audio series about tobacco use and addiction called Stories of Deception. Students Taking a New Direction (STAND), Arizona’s anti-smoking youth coalition, recently enlisted the help of the SPOT 127 team to produce the series.

“I hope teenagers hear this message and realize there are better ways to cope with stress and anxiety than by using tobacco products," said BrieAnna Frank, a Maryvale High School junior who has been with the SPOT 127 team since its grand opening in Nov. 2012 and the producer of a public service announcement in the series called Don’t be a Replacement.

“There is no one better to explain the perils of tobacco use to teens, than other teens,” says Courtney Ward, Chief Office of Tobacco Prevention and Cessation for the Arizona Department of Health Services. “We are really pleased with the outcome of this first series with SPOT 127. We plan to take SPOT 127 studios to places outside of metro-Phoenix to recruit other youth that will help us capture many other stories.”

The SPOT 127 team has already completed two public service announcements, which focus on the adverse effects smoking has on a teen’s social life and how tobacco companies view young people as ‘replacement’ smokers for the hundreds who die every year from tobacco-related diseases. They have also completed a feature story that reveals why people living with mental health conditions are more likely to smoke and are more prone to die from smoking.

The segments are available on the STAND web site, STAND is also using Facebook to encourage its many followers, especially Arizona educator, to share these stories with teens.

"I have really enjoyed the opportunity to tell teenagers about the dangers of tobacco use. This message is incredibly important to our generation," said Hannah Smith-Rodgers, a SPOT 127 reporter and senior at the Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics who produced the feature about the additional dangers of smoking for people living with mental health conditions.

“The enthusiasm of our team of journalists is apparent in the work they created,” said SPOT 127 Executive Director, Greg Pereira. “Our studios empower them to be the best story tellers they can be and we are delighted to be a partner with STAND.”

The teen reporters had complete control of the project from concept to completion. They chose the interviewees, the editorial focus and managed all aspects of production from the SPOT 127 studios at 3701 W. Thomas in Phoenix.

SPOT 127 is a division of listener-supported 91.5 KJZZ and a community service of Rio Salado College. This free, after-school program is designed to introduce high school students to digital media journalism and support programs that help them build confidence, attain valuable skill sets and achieve higher learning. Teens interested in joining the team can learn more at or by calling 480-774-8350.

This story can also be found in the December 14 edition of the Tempe Republic. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Student Showcase Hosted at KJZZ's SPOT127 Youth Media Center

KJZZ’s SPOT 127 Youth Media Center hosted its first Student Showcase on Wed., May 15 at RSC Thomas to celebrate the achievements of 29 participants who completed the first, nine-month-long instructional program.

SPOT 127 Director Greg Pereira and Instructional Facilitator/Coordinator of Marketing Tony Valenti stood in front of a packed room of participants and their family members, KJZZ staff, donors and other community supporters to give each of the students a certificate of achievement, to honor the most outstanding students of the year and celebrate their first year’s accomplishments.

And what a year it’s been!  SPOT 127 and RSC Thomas celebrated their grand opening in November 2012. Since that time, the SPOT team has served 150 students through its on site programs and off site programs with South Mountain and Sunnyslope high schools.

Pictured left are three of the most outstanding students who were part of the first cohort of participants to complete SPOT 127’s 9-month-long program. 

Maryvale sophomore BrieAnna Frank received the Best Student award. Maryvale freshman Stephanie Estrada who won the Best Video category for producing a short documentary called The Heart of Dance, which focused on the dance culture in Maryvale. Coronado Del Sol junior Bailey Vogt took home the award for Best Audio for his story about the new Phoenix Sky Train at Sky Harbor Airport.  

SPOT 127 is already accepting applications for its next summer session (June 3-14) and its next nine-month-long program, which begins Sept. 9.  The deadline for summer applicants is May 31 and the deadline for the next nine-month program is Sept. 3.

For more details, visit and visit KJZZ’s facebook page for more photos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There’s No Place Like SPOT

Written by Annette Flores, KJZZ Public Relations Representative

The Valley’s public radio station KJZZ 91.5 is collaborating with Rio Salado College to launch a new after-school program to train and mentor the next generation of public broadcasters. It’s called SPOT—that’s Internet code for “home.”

For the sake of space, and to coin the first of what will likely become several incarnations the youth media students will come up with, KJZZ is calling the center SPOT 127 for short.

SPOT 127 will be located at 3701 W. Thomas Ave. in Phoenix in an existing building made available through Rio’s partnership with the Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD). The 7,430 square-foot center is already wired for digital interfaces and plenty of space for students to work on and showcase their multi-media productions.

Rio faculty and staff will provide curriculum development support to help train students in all aspects of digital media production and PUHSD may assist in identifying students for the program.

“SPOT 127 demonstrates Rio’s commitment to community development,” said Dr. Chris Bustamante, Rio Salado College President. “This collaboration is an example of how we are redefining the educational model to meet the unique needs of non-traditional students in communities where they live.”

“The goal of SPOT 127 is to engage youth with tools that are likely to be of interest to them,” said Lou Stanley, KJZZ Associate General Manager. “Ultimately, we want to develop a continuous pathway for young people to pursue higher educational opportunities and to understand the benefits of life-long learning.”

To enroll in the program, students are required to have or be working toward attaining a high school diploma or GED certificate, and they must commit to SPOT 127 requirements.

An important component of SPOT 127 is the Food Journalism curriculum. Adjacent to SPOT 127 is Rio’s adult basic education center, which will include a brand new kitchen equipped with state-of-the art appliances. Rio will use the kitchen to teach sustainable food practices, while SPOT 127 students and staff use the kitchen to learn how to make healthy food choices. The students will also learn techniques on how to produce cooking show demonstrations—providing a means for students to nurture their bodies while they develop critical thinking skills.

SPOT 127 is scheduled to open its doors this spring and work with up to 60 students ages 14-24. For more back-story, visit or click here to see a short video about the inititagive. For additional details about the program, grand opening and ways to get involved, contact Lou Stanley at 480-774-8448,

Additional support for SPOT 127 is made possible in part by the Carstens Family Fund, Friends of Public Radio Arizona, Electrolux, FITCH, Schulz Charitable Foundation, US Bank, Alliance Bank, AVNET, Boeing Employees and the Phoenix Union High School District.

KJZZ is a listener-supported public radio station licensed to the Maricopa Community College District. It is a community service of Rio Salado College’s Division of Public Service, featuring a mix of local, national and international news, jazz and blues — serving more than 306,000 weekly listeners.